World Bank and the United Nations

2016 has seen us continue to strengthen partnerships with the UN and World Bank. This culminated in June with ‘Action on Albinism in Africa’, a three-day consultative forum in Dar es Salaam, which brought together stakeholders from 29 African countries and beyond to explore the challenges and priority actions surrounding the welfare and empowerment of persons with albinism on the continent.

Standing Voice—in collaboration with the World Bank—was responsible for coordinating Day 1 of the three-day forum. Participants included CSOs and INGOs; academics and researchers; national human rights commissions; specialists in dermatology, optometry, mental health, education and disability rights; and key government representatives. This unprecedented gathering of so many albinism experts from a multiplicity of fields has paved the way for coordinated action in future, yielding concrete resolutions and commitments that have shifted the landscape of interventions around this issue.

Following the event Standing Voice was elected to join a UN-led think-tank comprising a select group of experts who will work together to implement actions recommended during the conference in the years ahead.

Standing Voice

Standing Voice

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