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Vision Care: Arusha

In November our Vision Programme visited Arusha, delivering eye care and education to 232 patients in 3 days. Each patient was provided with low vision screening; vision devices such as sunglasses and monocular telescopes; and education about low vision and albinism. Patients requiring additional correction or magnification were prescribed the necessary devices, including prescription glasses and handheld magnifiers. We prescribed 104 pairs of prescription glasses in total, and gave a number of children full transitional lenses.…

A New Low Vision Partnership

This year we have continued to deliver Vision clinics in locations across Tanzania. We have trained ten Tanzanian optometrists and two ophthalmic nurses, recruiting two new optometrists to¬†join our Vision Programme Team! In March we coordinated a 3-day event delivering low vision¬†care and education to 302 patients with albinism from across the Lake Zone of Tanzania. This event launched a three-year partnership between Standing Voice and Vision For Life, a charitable initiative created by…