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Ukerewe's Young Reporters amplify the voices of their community

A faint crackle emanates from the radio. After a few seconds, the static clears to pick up the sound of voices. They belong to the Ukerewe Young Reporters, a youth radio group established by Standing Voice in 2016. The group meet monthly to record and broadcast their stories, and reconvened in June to document the inaugural Summer Skills Workshop and International Albinism Awareness Day celebrations at the Umoja Training Centre. The Ukerewe Young Reporters’ Group was…

Radio Project - Mwanza

In 2016, Standing Voice launched an exciting project to broadcast the voices of Tanzanian youth. Through our partnerships with Kennington Overseas Aid (KOA), Children’s Radio Foundation (CRF), and Mwanza Youth and Children Network (MYCN), we are bringing together young people from across Ukerewe Island to develop their skills in media and broadcasting. Standing Voice has supported 11 individuals with and without albinism, ranging from 15 to 25 years of age, to form the Ukerewe Young…