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Standing Voice needs volunteers!

Are you a tailor, ceramicist, or landscape architect? An actor, artist, or radio producer? Recent graduate? Business professional? If you—or anyone you know—has a particular skill, experience, or interest in any of the areas above, get in touch! Standing Voice is recruiting expert volunteers from around the world to help deliver the Summer Skills Workshop 2018: a comprehensive training programme bringing together people with albinism, and their families and loved ones, to develop skills,…

Print artist Alex Booker shares his craft with the residents of Ukerewe Island

Two years ago, I joined the Standing Voice team in an epic fundraising trip to the west coast of Scotland, canoeing and cycling hundreds of miles to support the building of the Umoja Training Centre on Ukerewe Island. Travelling to Tanzania to see the new centre with my own eyes -- and train the local community in the ancient art of woodcut printing -- was an opportunity I couldn't resist. Arriving at the centre, I was…