Standing Voice needs volunteers!

Are you a tailor, ceramicist, or landscape architect?

An actor, artist, or radio producer?

Recent graduate? Business professional?

If you—or anyone you know—has a particular skill, experience, or interest in any of the areas above, get in touch!

Standing Voice is recruiting expert volunteers from around the world to help deliver the Summer Skills Workshop 2018: a comprehensive training programme bringing together people with albinism, and their families and loved ones, to develop skills, build businesses, and celebrate one another's differences!

To express interest, simply email us on

With your help, the Summer Skills Workshop can be bigger and better than ever when it returns in 2018.

Looking back on this year’s workshops, we can see a common story: a vulnerable and divided community coming together to speak up and find new hope in new crafts; a forgotten population rewriting its future with the weapon of skill and talent.

The outstanding achievements of our participants—across tailoring, radio, printing, art, storytelling, and photography—would not have been possible without the energy and dedication of their teachers: incredibly talented individuals, some from nearby villages, some from other continents, who gave their time and expertise to help this vulnerable community find its voice.

But the work doesn’t stop here. For the people of Ukerewe, this is simply the first step in a life-long journey. In the months and years ahead, Standing Voice needs more resources, more workshops and more volunteers to continue developing new skills in this marginalised community.

As long as prejudice continues to exist, so too will the need to teach those affected the tools to overcome it.


“I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work as part of the Standing Voice team. Everybody looked out for each other; we worked well as a team, and had a laugh while doing so. The whole experience felt like being part of one big family.”
Molly Hardy - Volunteer

“Everyone on the Standing Voice team was enthusiastic, hard-working and focused on improving outcomes for people both with and without albinism in the local community. However, it is the people of Tanzania who filled my life with joy and happiness on this trip.” Professor Quannetta Edwards - Researcher

“I had the most incredible and eye-opening experience. It was so wonderful to be able to form such close relationships within the Ukerewe community in such a short time." Lily Bilton - Volunteer

“I began to realise that every time I stopped and thought for a second, I had a smile on my face. That feeling didn't go away for the entire trip.” Maddy Slade - Volunteer

"What I enjoyed the most was the great sense of community and happiness within the families and friends who took part in the workshops.” Annie-Marie Akussah - Artist

"Ukerewe couldn’t be more remote, yet our students' drive to learn and transform their careers left a profound impression on me." Brian Benson - Photographer

“I would strongly advise anyone with spare time and enthusiasm to invest in a week or two on the beautiful island of Ukerewe. You will meet incredibly courageous children and adults -- many with histories of trauma -- who will cherish the opportunity to work with you. By sharing your skills to ignite their passions, there is no limit to the number of futures you can transform.” Alex Booker - Artist

All images credited to Harry Freeland, Imogen Freeland, Annie-Marie Akussah, Josh Beattie and Brian Benson. Go here for a full list of credits.

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