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Pierre Fabre Foundation

Fighting cancer together

Recent months have seen exciting developments in the partnership between Standing Voice and the Pierre Fabre Foundation, who are supporting the nationwide expansion of our Skin Cancer Prevention Programme in Tanzania and its international replication in other African countries.

This programme is currently reaching over 2000 people with albinism in 33 locations across 8 regions of Tanzania: a decentralised network of clinics providing skin cancer education, prevention, detection and treatment to people with albinism in their own communities, with locally led service delivery, every 6 months.

The Foundation’s recent interview with Harry Freeland, our Executive Director, explores the programme in great detail, and encapsulates the origins, goals, and scope of our partnership as it enters its second year.

In March, our Managing Director Jonathan Beale and Programmes Manager Jamie Walling visited Paris alongside Harry to share our latest programmatic advances with the Foundation’s expert scientific committee. This was an exciting opportunity to explore our service delivery in depth, and particularly to reflect on the development of our programme model as a blueprint designed to galvanise a landscape of stakeholders. Recent replication of our service in Malawi was deemed to be a great success.

May saw our second trip to France, with Harry and Jon visiting the home of Pierre Fabre in Toulouse. There, we presented updates on our evolving partnership to the Foundation’s Board, and enjoyed the opportunity to meet Dr. Ousmane Faye, a Malian dermatologist and fellow recipient of the Foundation’s support.

Later that month, members of the Standing Voice Team travelled to Barcelona to develop plans for an impact study of our Skin Cancer Prevention Programme. With the support of the Foundation, and in partnership with Kilisun, we undertook a day-long workshop conducted by Roots for Sustainability, a consultancy specialising in social impact measurement. Through this collaboration, we plan to look more deeply at the impact of our service beyond the sphere of dermatological health, examining the holistic implications of our programme for beneficiaries' welfare, and the reduction of discrimination and stigma in communities.

Most recently, in June, Standing Voice Communications and Fundraising Coordinator Sam Clarke participated in the Pierre Fabre Foundation's inaugural Conference of African Teledermatology of African Teledermatology in Bamako, Mali. The event was attended by experts from eight countries in the sub-region—Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Conakry, Mauritania, Senegal, Togo, Benin, and Côte d’Ivoire—and chaired by the Malian Minister of Health. The event, also attended by the French Ambassador to Mali, shone a light on the spectrum of projects supported by the Foundation, and its particular involvement in the development of teledermatology as an exciting field of contemporary clinical practice.

All images credited to Tagata Fujii, Pierre Fabre Foundation, Standing Voice, Sam Clarke and Dr Claire Fuller. Go here for a full list of credits.

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